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: Select the power you are looking for or search all. Remark that for EEx e-motors powers are not standardized. Search all for finding an appropriate motor.


: Select the speed, or when it comes to twospeedmotors, the number of poles you are looking for, or search all. The speed in the list is the synchronous speed at 50 Hz. Most 3-phasemotors can run at 60 Hz and that increases the speed with 20%, but always search for the speed at 50 Hz.


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: Select the mounting you are looking for, or search all. Most motors can be changed from one mounting to another. If you don´t find a motor in the mounting you want, but in another mounting it is often possible to rebuild it. Call us at +4631870900 if you have any questions.


: Select standard if you are looking for a standardmotor. Standards for 3-phasemotors are 230/400V for motors below 4kW and 400/690V for motors from 4kW and upwards. Single-phasemotors are standard 230V. Select all for searching all voltages.


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